Brain Art

brain art
With Spintacular Entertainment’s newest program, you can turn your very own thoughts and emotions into art in just 6 steps! First, you choose your style and colors. Then, we use a state-of-the-art EEG headset. It collects your brainwave information and analyzes what your brain is doing. Next, it’s time to create. Direct where your brain will paint by simply facing where you want the art to appear. Your brain does the rest. Then, after you’ve painted, you get to sign your new masterpiece. When you’ve completed your painting, you can review and choose your favorite moment as the final artwork. Finally, you get a small take-away print with a scan-able QR code so you can view your entire session snapshots whenever you want and, of course, to share with others. Watch videos here! Call now, 800-929-2467, for more information!